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Letter to Grief

January 24, 2011

Dear Grief,


You have been in my life for almost a year now. While in the beginning you were so oppressive, all consuming, and Now you are a constant companion that I’ve gotten used too.  Sometimes you rear your head, and get a little too controlling again, and I will not put up with that, mmkay?

Want to know why? Okay, well I ‘ll tell you anyways. So you better listen.


I am a daughter of the Most High.

I am the Beloved of my King.

I am called precious, loved, grace-filled and receiver of Mercy.

I do not have to conform to the world, nor do I have to let my feelings rule who I am, or will be.

I am called His!

I am full of His peace.


So you see…I really don’t have time for you, nor will I make time for you. I might stumble, I’m sure I’ll fall a time or two or three…but you know what?

He is there for me, He never breaks His promises to me.  I do not have to rely on my own understand, nor my own promises, because I’m like the wind that blows without direction. He is constant. He is faithful. He is Everlasting.

So, Grief, while you’ve served your purpose, you can go now…because now it’s His purpose which will be served.



Peg, daughter of the Most High.


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