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Thoughts on Turning 30

January 5, 2011

I turn 30 years old in 8 days. 30 years of living, learning, loving and losing.

So much learning.

When I was younger, say high school, I thought I had SO many years between my 17 yrs and 30. Now looking back, it’s really flown. And doesn’t everyone say that at some point? Well, thats because it’s true.

30 years old.  Something that was so ‘scary’ at some point, is nothing to worry over now. Maybe it’s because 2010 was so much more scary. Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward with hope to this year of 2011. Maybe it’s because I’m finally learning that age is nothing compared to how I’ve lived, not how long I’ve lasted on this earth. Maybe it’s because I can’t avoid aging. Maybe it’s because I’m one year closer to going Home and seeing Michael in his Heavenly beauty.

When the year begins, people are full of such high hopes for the newness. Making resolutions, planning how things will go. Even fulfilling a bucket dream or two. I have done this too, and still do. But with that should also come a disclaimer. We are NOT in control of our lives, not like we assume we are.  We can make decisions, plan things out, but how often do those plans really match our dreams?  Sometimes the year turns a 180 on you and nothing you try to do, changes that.

How do you plan on dealing with life? With those changes in your plans, which you have no control over? Do you have plans for THAT reality? If not…you should.  You should always know how you’ll handle the  falls, trips and bruises of life.  That is reality. It’s not pessimistic, it’s being honest with yourself. And even if you have those ‘plans’ on how you’ll deal with it, those even change on you. Because sometimes, you don’t know how you’ll react.

You are not in control.

You will fall.

You will be bruised by life.

You will come face to face with your ugly side at one point.

How will you deal with it?

I have the privilege benefit of knowing how I’ll survive. Of knowing what I’m like. It’s not pretty, but I know I lean on God in the darkness. I know His peace does come, and covers all. I know that answers do not come always.  I know that life moves on. I know that I must move on, as God calls me too.

What about you?

In His hands, thankfully!



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