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Tis the Season

December 18, 2010

For family get together’s, winter weather warnings, warm toes by the fires and yummy foods to be had.

This year, as you wrap those last few presents, snuggle with the family, host parties and attend family gatherings, remember the reason we celebrate this holiday called, Christmas.

Remember what is most important, Christ, faith, family and friends.

This year, we have been slow in decorating our tree. We got it oh, I would say two weeks ago. It’s been sitting here, bare. No lights. No ornaments. Nothing.  It seems kinda useless to decorate it now, but I think we will this weekend. I want to keep it simple. Lights, and a few special ornaments. Nothing else…

I have watched many Christmas movies this year. Cried over most of them. Touched by the holiday spirit, family love and repaired relationships. But I also cried because I couldn’t share it with Michael.  As usual, someone is missing.

I had many ‘grand’ plans, but I should have known better. I should have known that my energy level is pretty much none existent right now. I’m in survival mode again, or is it still?


This year has been a rough road. A long one. Our lives changed abruptly in March. We have been living the outcome as best we know how. Clinging to faith, hope and family. Allowing others to care for us, to help us.  It has been an amazing year, full of love, generosity and prayers.  As I struggle to be thankful this Christmas, I choose to remember what was good and wonderful from the year.

Watching Michael see and hear bagpipes.

Watching my husband and Micheal smile at each other.

Seeing how my Dad would proudly hold Michael.

The joy of my mother in law at having a grandbaby to spoil.

My mother being eager to show, teach and share with him.

The out pouring of love from perfect ‘strangers’

The gifts of time, prayer and donations to help us.

Being able to turn to many for support, and understanding.

Learning to lean into each other.

Growing stronger as a couple.

Our faith growing stronger, and trusting God more.


Much to give thanks for. Much.

This Christmas, remember to love your families in spit of strained relations. Remember to hold them close for a few seconds longer. Remember to capture all those special moments. Remember that today doesn’t last, and every day is a gift to cherish.



In His hands,


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