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My Favorite Things: Favorite Part of the Holidays

December 6, 2010

If you’ve missed the previous ‘Favorites’ posts, read here for the Intro, here for Being a Wife and here for Husbands and here for Household Chores.  Then, after all that reading, go Here to see where it started! You know the drill. Go and lookie at her site, I’ll wait. Back already, MAN you’re a fast reader! Now onto this weeks challenge.

This week is about the Holidays. 

 What’s not to love about them?

The smells. The food. The family. The food. The laugher. The food. The cold winter weather. The food.  The big fuzzy sweaters. The food. Did I mention food…?

Cinnamon rolls. Pumpkin Pie. Roasted Turkey. Fried Turkey. Savory stuffing. Drool worthy gravy in those cute little boats. Sugar cookies. Apple Pie. Cranberry sauce.

How can you not like this food? It’s meant to romance you into a food induced coma…or maybe that was just me?

I love the warm fuzzy feelings of family, togetherness and goodwill towards your fellow-man.  I love the music, the crisp air, and the crackle of a log popping on the fireplace.

I think it should be Christmas and Thanksgiving all year-long. Nothing could be wrong with cultivating a spirit of thanksgiving and generosity. Unless you’re Scrooge. But I don’t think you are. Right?

Going to go make something yummy in the kitchen now!


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