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Update cuz it’s been WAY too long!

December 4, 2010


Did you miss me?!

I missed me! Kinda funny.

Sooo, this is an update on what’s been happening around here.

I’ve started helping a friend out so I’m not home most of the days anymore. I miss being home, but I’m really glad I can help and be a blessing to her and her hubby.

I’ve been working on my sewing ‘shop’. Thats fun!

I’ve also come the realization, that I REALLY need to refocus my life in someways.  To do that I have decided to make small changes in our diet, and add movement into our life. We sit too much…

A few friends and I have started to keep each other accountable with things like soda, bread, processed foods, snacks, etc.  I love this! I need the butt kicking, voices in my head telling me no way, encouragement from these lovely ladies! 

So my plan is simple. (HA!)  Be gluten free by the New Year.

I have a tendancy to go full throttel and then burn out. So I’m going slow.

Starting yesterday, December 3rd, no soda, no bread.

December 10th, I will add no pasta to the above.

December 17th, I will add no processed foods.

December 24th, I will start reading labels for ingrediants I don’t know, and research them. I want to know what I’m eating!

I weigh 263.6 and that is REALLY depressing…lol

Talking to my Mom today at the store, I decided that I want to eat healthy, and exercise until I get to a weight I’m comfortable with. A weight that I can move, be active and maintain without a lot of effort. I don’t want to kill myself with trying to maintain something that some ‘people’ decided would be a ‘good’ weight for my height. Bogus, I tell ya! BO-GUS!

Sorry. Couldn’t contain the contempt. HA!


I am excited about this!

Oh and my goal for the New Year is to be 10lbs lighter! 🙂 I can do this!

In His hands,


PS. I dare YOU to join us/me! LOL 

Double DOG dare you!

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  1. donna permalink
    December 4, 2010 4:43 pm

    Ok I’m inspired!!! Love ya!

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