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My Favorite Things: Household Chores

December 4, 2010

If you’ve missed the previous ‘Favorites’ posts, read here for the Intro, here for Being a Wife and here for Husbands.  Then, after all that reading, go Here to see where it started! It’s okay…I’ll wait for you! Go! Did you read it? Okay. Good. Now onto this weeks challenge.


So, I’m late with this post.  REALLY late, almost a week! Eeek. Bad blogger!

Household chores. Should that be a favorite thing? Or a cursed word…maybe a post for another time.

But over at High Heels she challenged us to find something good about the chores we do every day. As much as women have desire it over the centuries, we still do not have those little wee people to magically clean our house. Unless your rich. Then you do. But I don’t. 

I can’t say that I have a favorite. I love a clean house, just not the work sometimes. I love to vacuum, because I see the yuckies *is that a word?* disappear. I love doing laundry because the clothes come out warm and sumptuously smelling good. I love cooking because the house smells so great afterwards. I love cleaning the bathroom because it makes me want to take a bath.

Overall, I love to have a clean home, a comfortable home, an inviting home.

For those rare moments ‘people’ come over. Really rare.

We live in the boonies. Like, tumbleweeds blow by.

I’m serious. BIG huge ones, that threaten to overtake a small child in one fell swoop. Or maybe two.

 Yup, boonies. Rhymes with loonies. Coincidence? Maybe.  You tell me.

What’s you’re favorite household chore??

Off to dust a bunny,



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