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One day…I will learn.

November 21, 2010

One moment. That’s all it took.

One day, is really enough.

One day of not paying attention or being a good steward.

I should know better, right? Well, I am a work in progress here folks.

So, this week, we were supposed to go visit the hubby’s brother, whom he hadn’t seen for YEARS.

But now, plans have changed. We, or I, didn’t pay attention to the outflow of money for one day. And now, those plans are gone just like the money.

We were doing so well this month too, so this is kind of disappointing as well as a bit shameful.

All I can do, or we can do, is take the consequences, learn from them, and move on.

We will tithe the full amount this time. Even when I didn’t have a budget and it was just me, every time I tithed, I somehow always had the money for the things I needed! Not the things I wanted, but needed.  And it’s still that way now.

Somehow, when I tithe, it helps put a perspective on the rest of the money, and I take it seriously. Which means, I think before I buy.  And shouldn’t I be doing that anyways?!  Egads.

So, another painful lesson learned over here about money.


In His hands,


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