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Complete randomness and drudgery

November 19, 2010

So much has been going on, internally and externally. Where to start?!


I’ve been enjoying my sewing projects and sharing with others the gift of the homemade.

I’ve been enjoying the Christmas movies that are on Hallmark already. (grins)

I’ve been remembering Michael with smiles and some tears off and on.

I’ve made it a goal to have the computer off more often. The fruit of that is things are cleaner around here, sewing is getting done, and a book which my mother in law got my for Christmas, LAST YEAR, is finally being read! I miss reading!

I’ve been reading Sarah Palin’s book and since watching her show about Alaska, I can’t help but hear her now. I can hear Fargo! I’m sorry if you’re from Fargo or a different Northern start, but I just love the accent!

I’ve also been keeping up with some of my favorite bloggers and groups online.

I’ve had a few people over this last week, and (just had to yell at my cat! He’s playing with my sewing stuff! Sorry, bunny trail) enjoyed having them over. I’ve been wanting to have people over, and cultivate friendships. It’s hard when you’re out in the boonies like we are, but the effort is worth it.

I contemplating inviting a new couple over. We have been going to a small group from our church, and this couple is new to the area. I mean, NEW. Only been here for about a month and a half now. Maybe two months.  They are about our age. I’m praying about it. Praying that God has them approach us a bit more, so that I’m not trying to make something happen that isn’t supposed too. Does that make sense? Gahhh…nevermind!

I’ve been praying for a friend the last few days. She is facing a huge trial right now. I can’t even begin to explain it. But you can check her blog here.  I will be heading down tomorrow to see her. Please keep her in your prayers and consider monetary support.

Anyways, that is about it on this front.

Oh, and I’ve been procrastinating on the Christmas cards…*sigh* I’ve got the address, letter written up and envelopes.  But I haven’t printed the letter yet, nor addressed the envelopes.


In His hands,


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