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My Favorite Things: Being a Wife

November 15, 2010

This is the first part of 6 posts all about my favorite things! If you missed the introduction post, click here for more information! I hope you join me as this will be FUN! If you’d like to pop on over to the blog who inspired me with this idea, click here and make sure you wear your heels!

Today is all about being Mrs. Spencer.

I love being a wife. But I know that if I were a wife to any other man, it wouldn’t be as good.

I love to see my husbands clothes mixed with mine. Simple really, but it’s nice. I love having a someone to pamper, to focus on besides myself!. I am beginning to see what role God has for me as well.  This is a timely post, as I’ve been thinking and talking about this already. I know most women in our society might not agree with me, and that’s fine.

But, I think my best roles in life are Believer in God, Wife, Mother and Daughter. They are the best of me, or they should get the best of me. Yet so many times, they do not. They get the last, the tired, cranky, angry, and so on and so forth. I am trying to see what happens when they get the best of me and the best of my efforts. No one deserves it more than my God, my wonderful hubby, and my family.  In a word; I’m serving them with my best, my first and my joy.

Now, please don’t think I have it all together! I’m far from perfect and my days are still an emotional roller coaster ride.  From all accounts and stories, I’ll continue to mourn my son.  By the grace and mercy of God, I will get through it and have better days, more joys than sorrow and I will heal.

So, being a wife. It’s pretty awesome. It’s also pretty hard too. For one so stubborn such as I, it’s a growing experience in which the selfish desires have to be put aside for the health of the marriage.  There isn’t room in a good, strong marriage for selfishness in any of its forms.

Being a wife…it’s the hardest job I’ll ever have, but it’s so much more rewarding than anything else out there.

Thank you Mr. Spencer, for marrying one like me, that needs her rough edges softened!

In His hands, (& learning to be a Wife after Gods heart)



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