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Three More Go to Heaven

November 12, 2010

Last night I learned that three more families will be mourning the loss of their children. Three more families have joined the club none want to be a part of.

Please, keep these families in your prayers and thoughts.  With the holidays so close, this will be a very hard season for them, although in truth, the season doesn’t much matter in the early days. It’s all hard work.

I can’t stop thinking about them, hurting for them, and praying that God gives His comfort and peace freely. Even sometimes I wonder why this is happening. Especially since it was so many at once.

I plan on reaching out to these mothers specifically. Please keep me in your prayers as well, that I listen to God’s will. These mothers need an understanding heart to just be there for them.  I may not have the words to speak with them, and I might cry just as much as them.  But I wished someone had been there for me, even to just be there. Someone who understood, someone who didn’t need words to understand my anguish.

Oh, Lord when I hear of more babies being lost, I just ask why? I don’t understand it. I didn’t with Michael, and I still don’t. I’m praying for your peace for these families, these broken hearts. Only You can give the comfort necessary and needed to these precious families.  Please surround them with your love and peace! Amen


In His hands,



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