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Value of Working Hard

November 10, 2010

Hard work.

It’s hard.

Does it have value?

I believe so.  If you work hard for something, you value it or the result of it. There is something that seems to happen when it’s been your blood, sweat and tears being sacrificed over something, rather than anothers.

Hard work also shows that you know how valuable your time is, so you spend it wisely, or so one would hope.  I know that in this, I’m still learning. I’m still figuring out what is most valuable in my home; to spend my time, to spend my value on.  Of course, what I value is different than what you value but the same thought process must be gone through all the same. What is worth my time? What hard work must I do? What value does my day(s) have? Where do I need to spend my energy the most? In the grand view of things, does this ‘value’ have real value, or just perceived value? (And here, you must be the one do decide what is real value or not as again, this is different for each family and household!)

I believe as well that the harder you worked on something, seeing it through until the end, the more satisfied and happy with your life in general you’ll be.  You’ll learn more about yourself in those moments than you could elsewhere.  Responsibility is also another offshoot of this hard work. So many good things come from hard work and dedication to where you are in life.

In today’s society I’ve noticed that the younger generations have this idea in which they are entitled to anything and everything they desire.  To take without thought to how much it’s costing someone to provide. This is not how our fathers and grandfathers lived. They understood the value of a days hard work. The value of saving to pay in full. The value of earning their keep, not expecting others to pay for them. In fact, I can say with certainty that my grandparents would have been thoroughly embarrassed to have aid of any kind.  While I believe that we should know when to humbly except the help offered by others, we should in NO way undervalue that aid and expect it all the time either.

It’s a delicate balance between being thankful, and being entitled.

I pray that I have a thankful heart.

What do you think about working hard? What value does it have for you?

In His hands (& an appreciation for all the gifts and hard work done for us-me)


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