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Whispers In My Ear

November 6, 2010

Websters dictionary defines Fear as; ” Frighten, to be afraid of, expect with alarm, to be apprehensive of.”

It’s synonyms are; bother, worry, fret, fuss, stew, sweat or trouble.

Yet God tells us about 63 times to ‘fear not’ (depending on the translation).   There must be something to this fear, for God to address it so many times.

When I am in the midst of fear I feel as though I’m paralyzed, frozen in a state of numbing awareness.  Dread creeps over me giving me that familiar cold hug. I start worrying over the minute of the situation. My heart beat quickens. My face is flushed. My breath comes faster. My skin gets cold or clammy. My thoughts race around so fast, even I am not aware of the numerous falsehoods that could be floating in my consciousness.

Yet, ‘Fear Not’ is whispered in my ears.

Like a sudden calm in the storm, I can take a deep breath. My thoughts drop to the floor one by one. I am able to move and I life my eyes up to my Lord with a thankful heart, which is no longer beating so furiously.

‘Fear Not’

With sudden clarity, the knowledge that fear does not hold me is like a balm to my wary and tired soul.

‘Fear Not’

Fear is a powerful threat to our lives. Yet not so powerful as to stump our King of Kings above.

When fear threatens you, with feet firm in the knowledge of God, shake your fist back and proclaim, “My God says Fear Not!”


Blessings (& One breath at a time)



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