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Spare Room: Trash Vs. Fiction!

October 29, 2010

We’ve been cleaning our spare room. We took one large bag of clothes, one box of pots and pans to good will. We also tossed many large bags of trash, and gave a few things to hubby’s Mom and Grandma. I don’t think they realized they would leave here with so much stuff!  My Mom came over to help with paperwork, crafts and the other odds and ends a person can gather and collect. (without meaning too!!!)  So now, this little room is beginning to take on a personality, other than ‘storage room’ or ‘dumping grounds’.

The cat has taken over the futon, apparently, that is ‘HIS’ throne spot.

It was hard a few times, coming across things ‘Michael’. (We still have a closet full of boxes of his clothing to go through)  Even paperwork regarding Michael got to me. Especially the hospital bill from March 11th. I know it’s their job to send bills. But couldn’t they have a fund for that sort of thing, so the parents aren’t broadsided by the PTSD-like moment that is sure to rise? I saw the date, and suddenly am thrown back to the moments I saw Michael being worked on, so tiny on the gurney. To me that would be mercy.

Now, I can finish my projects and fnish creating a home for us. Why aren’t we told it is SO mentally draining to go through your things? A warning of some sort would have been nice.

Do you have some little corner, or room even that needs your attention? Is there some project which is dreaful to you? I would challenge you to just start somewhere. Bring a trash sack in the area, and set a timer for 10, 15, 0r 20 minutes and just start tossing trash. Do this as long as it takes to conquer that mountain hill. If you have emotions that arise, allow yourself to process them, but remember this! That item does not hold the person there longer, does not need to be kept to remember someone by. If it takes up room, or is too hard to keep emotionally, toss it.

Blessings, (and loads of trash be gone!)



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