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Around the World today…

October 13, 2010

Out of curiosity I searched to find what was going on in the world today. For interest in space, I’ll just post the article titles.

I know that many in the world are watching the Chilean Miners being rescued.  Praise God they are safe, sound and getting the biggest welcome home of their lives. Praise God.

“Gates warns of abrupt halt to ‘dont ask, don’t tell'”

“China elders in free speech plea”

“Iran leader ‘backs Lebanon Unity'”

“Iran guards base blast kills 18”

“China’s imports and exports slow”

“Mexican police commander killed”


…I just realized how depressing the world news is.  I know that there are many things which are not happy, yet I can not believe that there aren’t happy and joyful stories which are newsworthy. How thankful I am that the focus of the news today is on the rescue of the miners in Chile. How wonderful it is to watch as they are reunited, one by one, with family. The embraces, kiss and tears are joyful, happy and thankful.

It is wonderful to see they men come out alive and whole. I pray they never take another day for granted, and this experience give them a new lease on life.  I’m sure they will hold their loved ones closer and longer.

How great would it be, if it didn’t take something so drastic in ours lives to be thankful for the small things, find enjoyment in our families and see the good in those around us.

Today, I hope you seek to find the thankful heart inside, and live each day as it is your last. I pray that you find the peace and hope of God alone to guide your life.




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