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Day 5, Oops, missed a few days!

October 5, 2010

I missed blogging about my thanks for a few days! Oops!

I am so glad that we have some understanding, nice and fun young neighbors. Last night I locked us out of our house, in the middle of a storm. Yup, good going Peggy. Awesome job!  Kinda got the riot act from the hubby, and I passed the blame on to my Dad for pounding into my head, to LOCK THE DOORS!!! haha!  *hangs head*  Note to self…make a key for the parents who live a stones throw from us.  It will happen again! I know this. I know myself.

I’m also happy to have candles and music to enjoy the fall and coming seasons.

I have been making plans for Michaels birthday and have some good ones.

We’re going to be releasing balloons, b-b-qing and playing games with family. As the days come closer, I just seem to distract myself more and more. I know this isn’t healthy, it’s also not what I need to be doing. I can’t avoid it ya know? So I am going to face the emotions as they come, and know that God will be there for me as he has been from the start. It’s a daily reminder to rest in Him. It’s a daily act to give the emotion to Him and let him give me peace. I know now, receiving peace doesn’t mean I’ll forget, or that I don’t love him as much.

Michael, I’m missing you, but you’ll be happy to know, it doesn’t hurt as much to think of you. I can smile and be happy I knew you now.

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