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September 22, First Day Of Fall

September 22, 2010

As the first day of Fall arrived, I really didn’t give it much thought until it was here.


The season of entering into rest and slumber. A season in which families get together and celebrate their traditions, and the tell the stories of their past. A time of warm homes, amazing smells and comfort foods.

This year, instead of celebrating one year of life, we’ll be remembering that short life and strive to be thankful for having Michael.  These Fall days will be shorter, and I hope stormier!

I don’t think it’s a coincidental in the timing of the seasons, and what they represent.

Michael passed just before Spring.  The season of rebirth, hope, joy.  Even when I couldn’t see it, or even want to see it, God was telling me that even in death He will give me hope and joy, my spirit will be renewed again.

Then, summer came along. The Season of harvest, bright colored produce, long days filled with fun and family.  God was assuring me that life moves on, and family is important. That his promise to be there and provide hasn’t been broken.

And now Fall. The subject of this post. I love to watch the trees slowly turn colors, or in the case of Arizona, one day you wake up and the leaves are dead and gone! I love that many trees and shrubs around here are still green during Fall and Winter. It feels like a promise to me, a promise that things won’t get too bleak or too dead, that the season of hope is coming again (or always here, really).

This past weekend I went to Hobby Lobby, wondered up and down the harvest and Christmas isles. I smelled so many holiday candles, I couldn’t smell anything else for awhile. I would decorate my whole house, all year long like Christmas. I think I just might. I would do it tastefully of course…but to have the visual reminders of Christ, and what Christmas means to me all year round, that would be lovely. I had a few moments of sadness, that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate with Michael in this season. But his memory will be with us. I will find some ways to remember him, and celebrate the short life he had on earth.

Happy Fall, everyone. May your season be full of warm kisses, cuddly hugs and many thankful moments and memories. I wish you all joy and hope.

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