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Dear Child of Mine

September 15, 2010

*I’m not pregnant, just been thinking about it a lot lately*

Dear child of mine,

I don’t know you yet, but I know that you are loved, wanted and hoped for. While your father and I would have loved to have you meet your older brother, he is now in Jesus’ presence.  Having and losing Michael, taught us so much about our love.  It brought us closer together and made us a strong couple.  It showed us to love the little things, big things, even the things that make us mad, angry, or sad. Michael showed us how to give love to those who need it, and deserve it. Little one, everyone needs love. I pray that you come soon, but I know God has his timing for all things.

I promise you to love you, to not hold back my love, nor to smother you with it. I promise not to be ‘too’ jumpy, although I may worry more than usual parents. I promise to listen to you, and see you as you and not as Michael, although a few tears might be lost when you do things he couldn’t do. I promise, that tho sometimes I might be sad for no apparent reason, you are not less than Michael or more than Michael.

I promise to be your mother, the mother you need and deserve. I pray for you already, that God’s hand is on you even now.  I am almost in tears with the wanting of you and loving you.  Being a mother, and losing my son, has shown me the depth of a mothers/fathers love and at times I’m overwhelmed with it.

I pray that God blesses us with your presence.

Love, your mother


you know the desire of my heart. While I long for another baby, I know your will and plan is better than my own.  I place this desire in your hands and wait for your timing.


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  1. Kay Prater permalink
    September 15, 2010 3:26 pm

    It is so very good to read these words my dear. I love you and Wayne and pray for the child(ren) the Father will be sending to bless you both.

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