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A Cup of Tea & a Convertation from the heart

September 9, 2010

As sleep is evading me these days, I am blessed with early morning sunrises I don’t ordinarily see.  This morning also happened to contain a wonderful conversation with my Father.

I was mentally going over everything in my life from the past few weeks. At one particular moment, I hesitated in the memory.  And I heard in my heart, “You need to forgive. You are bitter, when I don’t want you to be.”

Really, cuz I don’t want to forgive that!

Again I heard, “Yes, really. You say you believe, but how does your fruit taste to others?

Bitter, angry, proud, I think to myself.

That is not the love I give to you, or others, is it?”


“This situation deserves my love, my forgiveness and my healing as much as you do, correct?”

Yes, but I’m hurt by this situation!

“I can heal your hurts, and give you love and peace instead. Why don’t you?

I don’t know. I want to please you.

“Then hand the situation over to me, forgive her, I will give you my love so that it will flow out of your heart for others.”


“The world will know me by the love you have for others. They will know that you are my child.”

*head bows and tears come*

This is how the conversation went. It might not seem like much, but it was an eye opener for me.

That’s all I have right now.

He is good to me.

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