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He would be Ten Months today…

August 13, 2010


Michael would be 10 months today. Crawling, maybe, but scooting around underfoot totally. He would be babbling up a storm and have me wrapped around his finger completely.  His smile would still be killer, and heart wrenching.

Oh God, why do I have to live through this? Why can’t you take this pain away? It’s been 5 months, Oh God, has it been that long?! It does not feel like it. It still feels like yesterday, that he was here with us.  I hate the beginning of the month…I really do.

Lord, please make March a good month, please?! It’s my Dad’s birthday month and this last one, really REALLY sucked.

While we’re on the subject of prayer requests, can I have Michael back?

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  1. Katrina Huckabay permalink
    August 13, 2010 8:09 am

    Michael –

    You would be 10 months old today please keep the other heavenly babies up there with you close and please lay by your mothers side at night and let her know that even though she aches and mournes for you that you are happy, safe, and waiting to see her again in time

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