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Been awhile…

August 2, 2010

…really, only 4 days, but in the bloggosphere, thats a long time!

I went to California for FRG (Family Readiness Group training), basically, it’s a way to communicate with the command and families during peace time and war. It will be a challenge, but also fun.  I will be busy with it!

I had a few moments here and there where it was hard, when we being taught about life insurances, and the amounts given, I thought of Michael. When is was about Family Day’s…I thought of what we’d be missing…sometimes I just had to close my eyes, shake my head and try to focus. Usually worked, but sometimes it didn’t.

So just an overall blog today.

I am going to be working on quilting stuff with some ladies this afternoon, and have been lazy this morning. I think tonight I will be looking up the forms I need to start collecting….

Yup…going to be busy…didn’t get to sleep in though…

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  1. Stephanie M permalink
    August 2, 2010 2:29 pm

    I am glad we got to spend some time together. I am even more excited that we got so much good info to help us get rolling. My house was still in one piece when I got home and the oven was a disaster but overall it was a great experience. See you later this week : )

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