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Greif and Creativity

July 27, 2010

Something I’ve noticed is the connection between grief and creativity.  Examples like Shakespeare, who lost his son Hamnet at a young age, from those ashes came Hamlet, one of our most lauded tragic plays.

The need to memorialize it, get it out, express it in any other way but speaking, I can understand that. Some words cannot be spoken aloud in the moment of first feeling them, only after time has passed can I speak them. 

I look back at the ways I’ve express myself since Michaels death. Writing, photography, scrapebooking, needlework.  I’m sure I’m missing some in there.  Writing is probably the most consistant of them all, at this point.  I use it when I want to remember, to forget, to be angry, to be happy, to laugh, to cry, to try to understand, to ask why, to talk to God, to talk to you (the reader)…so many things in but one form. 

I think the soul NEEDS to express itself in times of great stress, trauma and grief, I know mine does. Although I don’t believe in the things I call ‘hocus pocus’…like auras, reading cards, things like that. 

I still struggle, I still question, and I still breath.  Since leaving work, I haven’t had much time to sit and write like I wanted to do. I miss it…more than I thought I would, even thought I didn’t choice to stop, per say. Just happened.

Today, I will be looking at a place that is a possiblity to move into.  I don’t know what to expect from this outing. I know that it might be hard, or it might not. The unknowing sucks, let me tell ya!

Okay, thats enough random stuff for now. I’ll be back later today, I’m sure to write more. Love ya all…

Missing Michael and his new friend, Averie.

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