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Dear Peggy,

July 24, 2010

My dearest darling self, you must be gentle with yourself, and those around you. No one knows how to handle this, and are taking their cues from you. When you are upset, others are as well…when you smile/laugh, they are happy to see that something has made you happy for a second.  Please…be gentle.

Also, when you have compassion on those around you who have suffered like you, please remember those who have suffered, period. Not everyone needs to feel the loss of a child to know what sorrow is, or grief.  Remember that, dear.

You need to learn that a certain amount of selflessness doesn’t go amiss when around other people too.  While at times, it’s good for you to be selfish, insofar as it pertains to your health, physical or mental, at others it really doesn’t serve a purpose but to cause a level of pain to those around you…with the current pain being suffered, why heap more upon it?

One more thing,

Don’t expect much of yourself, or others at this time. The expectations might be too high for mere mortals. Have you considered looking to the One who knows?  I would give it some thought.

With all my love,


PS. By the way, Are you sure you’ve cleaned around here? The monitor is a bit…*hmm* streaky…I would clean it before you go cross-eyed, dear.

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  1. July 25, 2010 12:55 pm

    You are WISE beyond your years mama.

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