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Questioning, WHY?

July 20, 2010

With the death of baby Averie, it leaves a lot of us asking Why? Or questioning the ‘higher’ power. Making many extra cautious of their own children…

As much as we hope, pray and plead, no answers come back that will ever satisfy the why.  Questioning a higher power is normal, and even considered healthy, by the ‘pros’.   As far as being extra cautious, we’re parents, that too is also normal.

But what isn’t normal, is losing our children.  In no way, can this or will this ever be a normal I can/will accept.

I am in a struggle with God over losing Michael, and now with Averie, I am even more confused, more angry, more grief-filled.  Some will tell me to not take the loss of Averie as my own, that it’s not the same. While I agree that it’s not the same, he is part of my own.   And seeing another precious life taken too soon from loving parents and family is just beyond me…I will add this to the things I ‘talk’ to God about, and struggle over…and yes, I still believe that His plan is best…but life is so hard to understand and take…

Oh God, why? Why was another one taken too soon? Why does another mother and father have to go through this?

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  1. ahuskins permalink
    July 20, 2010 6:51 pm

    Questions with no answers.

    Some things make no sense.


    I pray for the strength not to question why, or else I’ll drive myself insane.

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