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In Heaven

July 20, 2010

You’re in Heaven tonight, and not in my arms.

In heaven, high above the pain and suffering that we now wear like life jackets.

One so small and so full of life, now you grace the streets of Heaven and not ours.

If only I had held you more

If only I had protected you from death

If only I knew now, what I didn’t then,  I wouldn’t have left you for one second.

While you’re up there, many will join you to wait for their earthly parents.

Please, watch for them, take them by the hand, stay close together and wait for us.

We love you so much more than words, more than breath, and more than life.

If only you stayed with us to hold our hands as we passed before you.

Oh that we should be waiting for you, not you for us.

The pain is overwhelming, all encompassing and totally inexcapable.  How I wish that I could hide from it, and have one brief moment of life without pain…but then I would remember you, and the pain would come back like a tidal wave…

Michael…I miss you…with the death of another child, I struggle with more questions not answered, and more confusion of what is fair…

Michael, oh Michael…how I wish you were here with me…and not in Heaven…

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