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A Lament From A Mother’s Soul

July 16, 2010

In wakeful slumber I do live,

Where dreams are true and life is lived.

A child’s laughter echos through the trees,

A young boy comes laughingly to me.

“Mommy, Mommy! Come see!” he shouts to me,

Taking my hand he shows me whats to be.

Looking into the pond of water closely,

I see him and I alive, or mostly.

Floating in the murky depths,

The shadows of the past are kept.

To the surface we rise in misty being,

A mother and child, both are sleeping.

Curled into each other we hold tight,

Death has taken us from all sight.

My chin on his head to rest and remember,

A sigh caught in my lips forever.

Take long before his time, a mothers dark desire,

Memories of his last day will not expire.

That deep longing to hold, smell and see,

Brings me to the edge of the sea.

Life is not the same now,

To live without my son, don’t ask me how.

This life is empty now to me,

To remember what once was and can no longer be.

Into my dreams a desire creeps,

Drifting, rising and taking me hold for keeping.

I can see the future now so clear,

Now the question most fear, will I be here?

I see the concern and hear the worry,

For what I am dreaming of, I am sorry.

I wish to stop all living around me,

To hold time captive until he is he.

No one can see the dark depths inside,

Not all the time to they show, they are as the tides.

Oh Heavens! Why have you banished that which I desire?

To seek death that isn’t death is to sink in mire.

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