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4 Months, today

July 11, 2010

A horrible thing, when you realize the date, and it’s been 4 months.

4 months since I last held him

4 months since I laugh heard his laugh

4 months since I saw his gorgeous steel-blue eyes twinkling

4 months since I knew his weight in my arms

4 months since we cuddled in the morning

4 months since he talked to me

4 months since I watched him sleep

4 months…God, must time still tick?

4 months, since my whole world changed in a horrible way.

4 months since I knew what grief and love really are.

Oh Michael…I miss you so.  If I could be up there with you, I would. I just want to hold you. Hold you tight. Never let go.

Do you see me, sweet son? Do you see the ocean of tears I cry for you?

Do you know the deep pain, the hollowness I feel inside, since you left us?

Oh, Michael…I’m so sorry…

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