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What Do I Pack? A Trip Through Grief.

July 7, 2010
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Little did we know that March 11, 2010 would be the start of a new trip through life.

The morning started with business as usual.

Baby waking us up, feeding him, changing diapers, laughing together, and cuddle time before work.

Little did I know that walking out of his room would be the last time I’d do that.

When our grief trip started, we had no idea what we needed to make it through this journey. What does a bereaved parent need to make it through those first minutes, hours, days, and weeks?

We didn’t have anything packed, but have started to accumulate things along our way.

1. Tears.

2. Foggy memories.

3. Confusion.

4. Holding others close.

5. Watching comedic shows.

6. Isolating ourselves to regroup.

7. Reading anything and everything related to SIDS.

8. Remembering to breath.

9. Books on infant death.

10. Joining the MISS Foundation.

11. Talking about Michael.

12. Allowing ourselves to grieve.

13. Taking a trip, just my husband and I.

14. Taking a day, one minute at a time.

15. Going back to work, when you’re ready.

There will be more added to our luggage for this trip.  But only time will tell what we pack, unpack, and walk right on by.

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