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One Small Life

July 7, 2010

One small life you lived.

So short and brief.

You never got to say call me mother or him father.

You touched with your sweet life.

You gave so much to many.

Because of you, mothers hold their children closer, longer and sweeter.

Because of you, a mother’s love has become more patient, more long-suffering.

Life for us, your parents, has become a daily battle for reality.

Daily, we suffer for ourselves, and each other.

You came and brought much joy, wonder and love to our family.

You became the most precious part of our marriage.

You made us a family.

Now, we have a missing limb.

Since you left us, we have struggled with our grief.

We have become conscious of every thought, emotion and broken dream.

We miss you with every breath, every thought.

You are gone, but not gone.

Your physical presence is gone, but your life has stayed with us.

We can’t hold you, but we clutch your memory tight in our hands.

We don’t want to let go, we can’t let go.

No parent can let go of their child.

No parent can accept a tragic loss of such a sweet little life.

Not one day, hour, minute or second goes by without you in it.

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