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Dear You,

July 4, 2010

Dear You,

You walk around with a smug look on your face, an arrogant stride to your step. When you got pregnant, you turned into a superior, supercilious snob.  Everything went your way with your pregnancy, and you were quick to say it. Now that you’re a mother, you’re insufferable to be around. You have an entitled air about you, and nothing goes wrong for you. You don’t have compassion for those around you who are suffering a grievous loss.  Nor do you seem to care that your actions cause more hurt, heap pain upon pain, and grind the grief in more and more.

I catch myself wishing you ill, wishing that life would serve you some grief, so that your pride, arrogance and superior attitude will come down a few hundred notches.   I wrestle with my feelings of jealousy towards you.

But really, I still do not wish my path of grief, even on you. I do not envy you for your life. I wouldn’t be so callus to those around me.  I couldn’t.

I just envy you your son, who is the age mine was when he passed.  I wish you had more compassion to those around you. I wish you would see, with a mother’s eyes, the need for love to those you come into contact with.

Someday, I hope you open your eyes…you don’t have to be such a bitch.  It’s okay to show some flaws to others…



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