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What do you see?

July 2, 2010

What do you see, when you look at me?

What do you think, when you hear me speak?

Do you see the pain behind my eyes?

Do you feel the grief following me?

Do you see that I am just learning to walk again?

Can you hear my inner screams of anguish?

Can you see the tears that always threaten to come tumbling out?

Can you see his name on my lips, a whisper…?

Can’t you see that I long to speak his name?

Don’t you know that my arms are heavy, for I carry grief, and not my child?

Won’t you remember him too, in your quiet times?

Do you see him in other children, like I do?

Can you hear him in their cries?

‘Someday, you’ll realize a day has gone by, and you haven’t thought of him’

someone told me…

I want to believe they meant well…

But how do you forget a son, a child, a beloved young baby? You don’t, you can’t.

It just doesn’t happen.

Always, he will be the missing ‘something’ in family gatherings, in family portraits, in the family tree.

Forever in our hearts, and always in our thoughts, missing you baby mine.

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