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This Path

June 29, 2010

Oh, what a lonely path I walk

To where and what may it led me

I know not.

No strength have I to hold up my head

no will to walk this path of grief

I do not want this cup.

Please, look at me and call me mother

do not ignore my time in the motherhood

I can not forget it.

This mantle of sorrow is heavy

each step I take is slow & painful

I am walking away from Michael.

Anger, grief and tears are my friends

my emotions are ever changing

I feel like I’m in a battlefield.

My faith is my strength, my hope, my joy

but please don’t think me unfaithful

I am just trying to understand the unexplainable.

I wish you could understand how this path goes

The twists, double backs, hair pin turns and sharp drop offs

I hope you never understand this path of grief.

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