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Grief: It’s like water

June 27, 2010

People say that water can be so awe inspiring, or horrifying in nature.

Peaceful streams, that trickle past a silent observer can turn into a raging wall of destruction, which no amount of preparation can stop.

Grief is very similar.

Only it starts with the raging horrible wall of destruction, which no parent is prepared to face. It’s all you, as the grieving mother or father, can see, taste, smell, hear, touch, think, or talk about. This faceless Death has taken you’re most beloved child. Ripped him from the loving arms of mother and father. Taken the innocent belief of a life cycle, and crushed it.

In time, grief recedes with the tides of life. Moments happen in which this tide brings the grief closer, or farther away. The milestones in life, which the child would be doing, BAM! Tidal wave after tidal wave. Seeing the sky open up and a rainbow shine through, after a storm, peace, and a tide which takes grief a little farther away today.

But in those first moments, hours, days, weeks, months and years…it’s like we are dropped from a plane, into the middle of the worst hurricane of the century. No promise of hope can be seen or felt. You wonder if you’ll ever feel true happiness again…or joy.

Many people think this won’t happen to them, not their baby, not their family.

Well…so did I.

And…it CAN happen…


Any baby.

Michael, I would give anything God would ask of me, to hold you, kiss you, see you growing, laughing, talking, learning…

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