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The Good, The Bad and the UGLY!

April 10, 2010

Okay, so as promised, here’s the ugly truth about my body!

Peggy’s Measurements, taken April 10th, 2010

NECK 15in
UPPER ARMS L-19in R-19 5/8in
BREAST 51 1/2 in
UNDER BREAST 46 1/2 in
WRISTS L-6 1/2in R-6 3/4in
WAIST 46 in
HIPS 56 1/2 in
UPPER THIGHS L-28 1/2 in R-28 5/8in
CALVES L-17 5/8in R-17 3/8 in
ANKLES L-9 1/2 in R-9 3/8 in

Yes, I have found out that one side is bigger than the other! Weird, yes…

I’m also 264lbs
*I don’t fit into my size 22 jeans anymore! How depressing! I used to call those ones my fat jeans, but since I can’t fit into them, they are now the goal jeans for the first step! I REFUSE to by size 24!!!!

I bought a bunch of fresh veggies and fruits, and have already portioned them out for snacks or to add to salads, etc.

I’m going to cut WAY back on beef, and eat leaner meats like, chicken, turkey, fish and find other ways of getting protein, like legumes, beans etc.

I have also started taking some vitamins:
Womens Multi-Vit
Folic Acid
Fish, Flaxseed and BIo Oils

I’m hoping to have the ‘bigger’ meal at lunch time and a light meal for dinner. Easier on the stomach and digestive system.

I will also be taking my blood pressure once a week to monitor that and hope to see the numbers drop and get better!!!!

So on each Sunday, I’ll measure myself, and take my blood pressure, and once the scale is found among our things in storage, I’ll be weighing myself too!

I’ve also joined Weight Watchers and will be doing that online, am going now to look for a food scale on Amazon. I’m cheap, what can I say?!

I’ve thought about rewards for myself, to encourage my progress. My biggest and most lasting reward is my health. The next reward, is getting down enough in weight to start trying for another baby. My more immediate rewards will be massages, and pedicures!

For every 15lbs lost, I’ll get a pedicure.
For every 30lbs lost, I’ll get a pedicure AND a massage!

Can N O T wait!

Oh yeah, and the best reward ever, you might ask?

The total support and love of my wonderful hubby, Wayne, who loves me no matter what, but wants me to be happy!

Love you babe!

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