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Making a Baby…

March 30, 2010

The past few days, I’ve really been thinking about babies.
Why some make it here, while others don’t.
Why some make it here and live wonderful lives, while others make it here and live horrible lives, which sometimes lead to their untimely death.
Still others are barely getting started in the womb, and their life is cut short for reasons that don’t make sense to me.

Abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, abuse…

Whenever one of these is made, there are questions asked by those who have survived.

Why me?
Why now?

Why that child?

Why our family?

What made her abort her child?

Why did they abuse their child?

On and on it goes…

I have never understood why some people are allowed to have children, and others don’t.
I really feel for the couples who are desperately wishing for a baby to hold, to love and to nurture, but can not.

I am glad that I had Michael, for the short time I did…I can’t imagine life without him in it. The saying goes, “Its better to have loved and loss, then not loved at all”

I am in a strange position right now…While I do not, for ANY reason, condone abortion. It’s murder. I feel for the woman who did it. She doesn’t know what she’s doing to herself, and to her future children. The one’s I have a hard time understanding, are the ones who use it as birth control.

I just don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want a child…but mine is a different case. I lost my son, and would give anything to have him back, just for a moment.

I don’t know what my point was in posting this…just needed to talk about babies…

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