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Sweet Service

March 24, 2010

Just as the service started, the clouds cleared away enough to bring rays of sunshine into the sanctuary.

I know God was there, laying his peaceful hand of love over everyone who entered the church.
I also know that His strength, and the prayers of many helped me to get up and speak of my son. I know that His peace gave my husband strength as well.

I want to thank everyone who came, everyone who prayed for us and everyone who did something special for us.

No words can ever tell you how your generosity, love and prayers have helped us through this time.

I felt a strong peace come through me yesterday as the service ended…I know the peace I prayed for, for so long.

My God is good to me and my loved ones.
I have a peaceful feeling when I think of Michael…
I was able to smile at some of his pictures yesterday, and cry at others.
I know that in time, I’ll smile at more of his pictures than I will cry.
But for now…I am hopeful…
I have peace
I have Wayne to hold and love.
I’m blessed beyond words.

Michael gave Wayne and I many gifts in his short life.
He will continue to bless people as they hear his story.
He will bless his future siblings, for Wayne and I will love sweeter, forgive much and hold more dear every little thing that is said or done by our children.

I love you Michael…Thank you for everything you’ve taught me, for the love you gave me and for the blessing you gave.

Though I miss you still, so much…you are in a much better place.

Thank you God, for giving me my son, for teaching me love and grace through Michael’s passing. Thank you for helping me through this time, and giving me your strength to make it.

Because of my obedience, He is faithful to love, faithful to give strength and faithful to give hope.

I’m truly blessed beyond measure.

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