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Saying Goodbye

March 23, 2010

How do I say goodbye, when I didn’t have enough hellos?
How do I say goodbye, when I was just getting to know you?
How do I say goodbye…

My son, my sweet son…today we remember you, surrounded by many people who’ve been touched by your short life. Many people today will pause in their life and remember you, and your family in prayer. Many of these people never met you, held you or kissed your handsome little face. But they are forever changed by your life and ours.

Because of you, love is sweeter.
Because of you, babies are being held tighter, kissed longer.
Because of you, couples are holding each other longer.

Many questions will be asked today in the hearts of all who remember you.
If they ask why, I pray they are comforted.
If they cry, I pray they are held in God’s hand, along with Wayne and I.
If they don’t know what to say, and just cry, I pray they feel God’s arms, and my own, around them. Telling them that even in death, there is life.

Even with loss so painful as yours, there is hope.

I have confidence in where you are, Michael. I know you’re in Gods presence each morning and each night. How jealous of you, am I…that you should meet Him before me, face to face.

I do not mourn for your death, for I know you are with God. There is no place better.
I mourn for my own selfishness, I will miss all the milestones you’d have taken.
I will miss all the funny, crazy and silly things you’d have told me.
I will miss seeing your face everyday…

I know you are peaceful now, in the arms of Jesus. I know His peace will comfort me as well.
But I’m only human after all…not so very strong. I will break down and cry many times before I die. I will think many what if’s. I will ask why, a few times.
But I know in my heart, that you are safe, you are loved, and we WILL meet again.

Goodbye, my precious Michael. You have NO idea what your life has changed in mine. Be at peace, cry no more. Rejoice in His throne room, and please…do something for your mother just once…


I will rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice!

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