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What do you say for this kind of grief?

March 22, 2010

I know that everyone is saying what they say from the best parts of their heart.

But the words that mean the most to me, and help me get through each minute.

I love you
I’m praying for you.

Knowing that you love me, lets me know you care for me and want the best for me.
Knowing that you are praying for me, I know I’m always being brought before God and He will not forget me in my sorrow and pain. I know he’ll give me the strength to get up, the endurance to get through the hardest times, the peace and love to heal.

I love the wonderful men and women who have reached out to me and my husband since Michael went to be with Jesus.

None of my words can express the depth of love that fill my heart.
Nor the peace I sometimes feel from knowing that people are keeping me in prayer.
I know that through prayer, wonderful things happen…things we have no idea God is doing behind the scenes until it’s perfected in his glory.

When you see me standing, know that my faith, your prayers and God mercy are holding me up.

When you see ‘my’ strength, you really see God’s strength, because without Him I wouldn’t be here…

When you see ‘my’ graceful ability to deal with Mickey’s death, you really see God’s grace filling my life.

When you see me, you really see God, more now in my lifetime, than ever before. For truly, how else can a mother stand, when her world has crumbled? How else can a mother survive through these dark days, when all her dreams passed with her son? In my case, my how is explained in God’s faithfulness to His servant…me.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of
his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to
stand against the wiles of the devil.
— Ephesians 6:10-11

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