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One week

March 18, 2010


It’s been a week…

One week, since I saw you last.
One week, since my arms held you close.
One week, since your smile warmed my heart.
One week, since your giggles rang around the house.
One week, since my eyes held yours.
One week, since my heart was broken.
One week, since I held you in death.
One week, since my world shattered.
One week, since you where here with us.
One week, since you went to heaven.
One week, since you gained your angels wings.
One week, since you saw Jesus before me.
One week, since your daddy and I held each other closer than before.
One week, since life has been more precious.
One week, since your passing has made life bittersweet.

One week is 7 days.

7 sleepless nights, followed by 7 long days.

168 hours =
10080 minutes =
604800 seconds.

604800 breathes since I held you last…
604800 tears I’ve cried
604800 memories remembered
604800 dreams will never be fulfilled.

I love you Michael.
I miss you…
I hope you’re having fun in Heaven.
I hope you’re waking everyone up with your curiosity.

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