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Dear Michael,

March 18, 2010

Dear Michael,

The short life you lived, blessed me so much.
I’m honored to have been your mother…
To have held you inside to nurture you.
All the small kicks you gave me,
All the hiccups you had inside.
I felt along with you.
We had a rough first meeting, little pumpkin.
Mommy was sick, and you were too young.
You showed your strength from the beginning though.
You showed everyone who you were.
You are a Spencer and Prater through and through.
Watching you hit milestones and taking them like they were nothing,
You laughed at the moniker, premature.
You would have walked out of the womb, if God let you.
All your smiles around the bottle,
The way too early morning giggles.
You loved to stand on your feet, and had such a proud look on your face.
You tried to tell us everything you saw, but mommy didn’t know what you were saying!
You got so into everything around you; it was hard to distract you.
You flirted with all the ladies,
You watched sports with Daddy and Grandpa.
You flirted with me, you little imp.
I miss your steel-blue eyes,
Your bow shaped little mouth,
Your pudgy little cheeks,
And your wonderful laugh.
Your long fingers so strong,
Your monkey toes from your Daddy.

Sleep on
Sleep on
Sleep on, my son…
Mommy will be okay someday.
I will never forget you,
Nor stop loving you.
Always in my heart, mind and life.

Your Mommy.

PS, If you hear mommy crying from heaven, it’s okay. Daddy is holding her tight, and loving her in your place.

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