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Abba, Father God,

March 18, 2010


You are my strength, I don’t have to look further. When my days or night are too hard for me to bear, You graciously lend me your strength to make it through. It has no limit on time, or how many times I use it. It’s always there for me, never failing me.

Your faithfulness is my rock and my fortress. You promise to hold me, heal me, help me and love me, through any tribulations in my path. Lord, this is the biggest tribulation I’ll ever face. You’re faithfulness is holding me together, holding me up and something I hold onto dearly.

Though my head is bent from my sorrow, I feel Your arms around me.

Though my heart is heavy with pain, I feel Your peace seeping in.

Though my soul is drowning in tears, I feel Your promise of hope shining.

I know that in Your hand is my name, and my life. At your knee sits my little baby boy, waiting for me.

One day, I will run to him and hold him again.

One day my arms will remember his form, and weight.

Thank you Father, for giving me my son.

Hold him for me, until I can again.

Kiss him for me, every day and night.

Lord, give me my portion when I need it, as I need it.

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