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SAHM no more?

February 26, 2010


…As much as I love staying home with my son, it’s more important for me to be working right now. God is in control of our family, but we need to be better stewards of our resources. As such, we need to be debt free to really be able to enjoy the life he’s given us and to pass on good habits to our son. Several options had been thrown at us in the last month, such as bankruptcy. However, I felt that God didn’t have that in mind for us.

First of all, it’s not taking responsibility for our financial actions.
Second, it’s not learning from our mistakes.
Third, it wouldn’t be good for my husbands military career.
Forth, it would limit us in ways we really wouldn’t want to be.

So, after giving it much thought and prayer, I’ve been blessed with a job, part time, in an area that will be fun and challenging for me. It’ll allow me a break from motherhood, to bless others with my skills, and to pay off our debt, therefore honoring and obeying God with my resources.

After our debt is paid off, who knows…

…We might be blessed for me to stay home again, this time with a fresh start in the financial arena.

I know God’s hand is in our family, and will stay there. He will bless us, in our obedience to Him.

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