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Top 10 Places to Eat in Prescott, AZ

February 23, 2010

Top 10 Places to Eat in Prescott, Arizona

Prescott is a beautiful place to live. Where else can you see desert to forest in a ten minute drive? Among the sand and tree’s you’ll come across a small town that recalls the days of the Wild West. The likes of Doc Holiday and Big Nose Kate have graced the streets and town with bits of the wildness small boys and girls dream of. If you come into the town center, you’ll come across the time-line of Arizona, and Prescott, etched on the ground in front of the historical court house. Three stories high and surrounded by grass and trees, the court house is flanked on all sides with restaurants, Shoppe’s, jeweler’s, old fashioned candy stores, museums and the token bars.

Many of these store fronts have been around since the days of Doc, Kate and the Earp’s. They have survived the fires that are normal for this area, to live on into today, for us to enjoy and learn from.

This list is not, by any means, all of the wonderful places to enjoy the local cuisine.

Join me on my journey through our local eateries and through time as well. I hope you enjoy your taste of Prescott with me, and plan on trying one out soon!

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy!

*These are in no particular order of preference! I enjoy them all and have a hard time picking my favorite one!

Taj Mahal Restaurant Inc.

When you step into the Taj Mahal, you feel like you step into India. The tapestries on the wall to the music playing overhead. Some might think it too loud, too American. But to me, it adds to the atmosphere. I will warn you however, sometimes the wait can be killer! So make sure you go there ready to wait, trust me! It’s worth the wait! The staff does it’s best to assure you that you’re not forgotten.

Check out the Chicken Curry, Panir Masala, Sag Alo, Taj Naan, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Makhni. Your taste buds will thank you!

Don’t forget to order a side of rice, and bring along some friends. Order enough to share around the table!

Palace Restaurant and Saloon

When you walk into the Palace Saloon, you step through time, the swinging wooden doors, into the Wild West days. Along the walls are noted characters such as, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. Small tables and chairs surround the fireplace and are litters with cards and playing chips. Walk further and you’ll notice the finer dining experience to be had. Tall leather stuffed benches and marred wooden tables with little lanterns to eat by. If you’re looking for the western experience to eating, this is your place. I love the atmosphere, and the Palace has a ballroom for large gatherings as well!

You must try the Loaded Potatoes, The Palace Corn Chowder, Cattleman’s Fillet Mignon, Montezuma’s Chicken Pasta, Virgil’s Vegetarian Pasta, Kate’s Chicken and The Palace Pie! YUM!

Prescott Brewing Company

The Brewery is known for making its own label of ales. So for you that love to taste new ales, this place is a must visit! It offers a tasting cornucopia of their award winning brews. It’s a pub like feel, where family is welcomed, and sports are enjoyed on the many televisions throughout the place. Large windows face the courthouse square, so this place is THE place to be during the many activities that happen during the summer months and winter festivals.

Upon your visit you should give these a taste: Prescott Brewing Company Chili Bowl (made with special ales!), Pioneer Pizza, Fish & Chips, Burmeister Burger, Triple Threat Jalapeno Burger, Settler’s Pot Pie, Hard Wood Smoked Rib-Eye Steak, Bangers and Mash, Bodacious Brownie Sundae and of course, Petrified Porter Float!

Gurley Street Grill

During the weekday, you’ll see many businessmen and women eating here during their lunch break, or possibly, bringing it with them. Located just off the main street it’s a nice industrial place to eat. During the summer, enjoy being close to nature, while eating in the covered dining room. Or, it a highly class is calling you; eat inside, in the high backed leather booths. Service is fast and friendly.

I would recommend trying out your taste buds on these tasty morsels: Toasted Cheese Ravioli, Cajun Beef Stroganoff, Three Cheese Pizza, Wine Burger, and Strawberry Short Cake.

Kendall’s Famous Burgers & Ice Cream

Kendall’s is the typical burger dining joint, with all the fixings at your fingertips. Burgers made to your order and the ice cream parlor right across from your booth as well! I know some people are turned off by the torn seating, poor lighting and sometimes slow service. But the burgers are good, and the company you bring is better!

Wildflower Bread Company

Come early! This place gets really busy during the normal eating hours, so go early, or during the off times of the day, if you want a seat. The service is wonderful and fast, even during busy moments. The food is so delicious and mouthwatering. You must try out the following: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Turkey Breast and Brie on Herb Bread, Roast Sweet Potatoes on Herd Bread, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Lemon Garlic Penne, Sour Cream Blueberry Muffin, Chewy Fudge Brownie and Ginger Biscotti Cheesecake.

Your taste buds, will not only thank you, but they won’t let you forget about it!

St. Michael Bistro

On the corner of one of the busiest intersections of downtown Prescott, this bistro is a happening place. As well as eating here, you can also stay here, and enjoy the closeness to the heart of the city. The service is great, but if it’s a busy day on the square, you better come early to dine!

Waffle Iron

This is the local version of IHOP and Denny’s. Only it tastes better. Many people make this their daily or weekly meeting place, to catch up with each other, read the paper, or just watch the ‘tourist’ enjoying the food. Many options tantalize your senses, so come hungry!


Order this to go, and walk down the street to the Square, sit on the lawn and enjoy an outdoor picnic. This taste of Asia will only enhance your day as you warm your insides on a brisk spring or fall day.

Delight your stomach with these suggestions: Mango Chicken, Orange Peel Chicken, Pad Thai, Chicken Satay, Sizzling Beef, Kung Pao Beef, Jasmine Fried Rice, Chocolate Volcano and Thai Iced Tea.

Celtic Crossings Pub

Perhaps I did save my favorite for last, as this Pub has so many things near and dear to my heart, and heritage! When you walk into the Pub, you’re greeted by the Celtic music, sometimes played by local musicians and other Celtic paraphernalia. You’re seated by a friendly man, whom you find out is the owner! Or by his lovely wife. The entertainment is enjoyable, and camaraderie with your fellow diners is memorable. Come on a sports day and watch the Pub fairly dance with enthusiasm, cheers and jeers. Bring your appetite, as you’ll want to try something from all walks of the menu!

I dare you to try the following: Irish Potato Skins, Baked Brie, Cottage Pie, Irish Stew, Bangers and Mash and Baked Apples, Steak and Ale Pie and try their Irish Martini or the Kilt Lifter! For dessert, try the Bread Pudding, drizzled with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk down tasty lane with me, and I encourage you to go out, and try the local restaurants in your area that are above the normal. Be daring and order something you’re not used too, you just might find your new favorite!

What are you favorite types of food? What does the food have to have, to make it THE best you’ve had? The worst? Do you think we’re defined by the food we eat?

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