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Date Night

February 20, 2010

I wanted to do something special for my husband and myself.

So I planned a great date night for us, had the grandparents babysit our son and off we went.

We get to the restaurant, and are seated. It’s not too busy, maybe two other tables besides ours.

So we got our menus, drinks and complimentary bread and butter.

And we wait….
…..and wait………

and still….waiting….

finally the waitress comes to get our order, and brings refills on our drinks. That’s nice

About 45 minutes later
, our food comes, with the excuse of a repairman being in the kitchen and therefore in the cooks way, as to why our food was so late.

Okay fine, whatever…I can forgive that, mostly.

So I bite into my spaghetti and meatballs and I think to myself, this tastes funny…maybe it’s the flavors they used. *shrug* oh well, I kept eating it.

My husband ordered a hamburger, well done. When he gets to the middle, it’s red

He continues eating it, because at this point we just wanted to get out. Not happy with the service and such.

So while we’re eating, the manager gets a little weird, and notices a random man outside the building, yelling and calling names, etc. So he calls the police on him, talking real loud and pacing the whole place, which by this point was just us. (Should have been a clue!)

He leaves the place, FOLLOWS the yelling man up the street. My husband and I look at each other like, Okaaay…(He, the manager, should have been more concerned about how his costumers where being served than the random drunk crazy guy OUTSIDE his restaurant).

We pay for the food, which was WAY over priced for the quality and service.

So we go about the rest of our date, and get our son later…not thinking more of this place, other than to tell my parents to NOT go there.

Fast forward to this morning, when my darling husband wakes up, vomiting and ill. Food poisoning? I think so! Poor thing is suffering from it from both ends…

…and it’s all my fault!

Next time, we’ll go someplace we’ve been before!

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