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Our Control Book!

February 13, 2010

So, a la FLYLADY, I have created a family control binder. I’m about 1/4 of the way done with it.

But so far my binder has the following inserts:

Goals/Mission Statement – blank

Prayer Requests – blank

Inspirational Quotes- blank

Monthly Events List-blank

Goodwill list – on going

Freecycle list- on going

Craigslist- on going

To Do List – On Going

Daily Routine- completed

Weekly Routines – completed

Wish lists – blank

Family Fun Ideas – blank

Emergency Contact – completed

Budgeting – blank

Weekly Menus – blank

Master Grocery List – blank

Websites with passwords and user names – blank

Takeout/Delivery Numbers – blank

Car Maintenance Schedule – blank

Vehicle Records – Blank

Medical Authorization Form – blank

Vacation Idea List – blank

Picnic Planner – blank

Military contact numbers – blank

Paperwork to have for deployment – blank

So, that’s a LOT of information to gather together. But I am hoping it’ll keep me more organized and keep the house looking better as a result. Since my hub’s is in the military, I know this will also help me if/when he’s deployed this year.

I will keep you posted about how it’s coming along, and post some pictures, once I get my camera charged! 🙂

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