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Goodwill Tomorrow!

February 12, 2010

I’m going to take advantage of Goodwills 50% off tomorrow and see what I can get. I have a list going of things I’d like to get, however I KNOW I will NOT be able to get them all at once, so it’s a working list for right now.

Here it is:

2 new to me shirts, not particular on the color

Exersaucer for baby

Storage bins (for odds and ends)

File cabinet (for hubbys paperwork)

2 3-ring binders (for current bible study!)

Outdoor table (Got to get ready for summer here in Arizona!)

2 Outdoor chairs ( I have two from my mother, but would like two more for company)

Queen size sheets (We only have one set!)

Couch (Current one is too low and the cushions are a pain)

Rocking chair (Again, too low for me to get out of easily!)

Desk ( I need somewhere to have an office space!)

Bed frame (queen)

2 Indoor chairs (for our dining table)

Again, I don’t know what price I’ll get for these items, but it’ll be fun to see what I can get for my budget.

I’m giving myself $20-$30 to spend tomorrow, and considering it’s 50% off, I might get really lucky!!!

I’ll post tomorrow with my goodies and put the price I paid in red!!!!!

I’m sure I’ll add more to my list of things needed…just SO much we have, yet don’t have…if that makes sense! HaHa

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